Web Design

Creating a website or refining how an existing website works to accomplish your business goals.

Definition of web design

The phrase "web design" is used in so many different ways perhaps we can first agree upon a common definition for web design. Then we can discuss how web design contributes towards achieving business goals. We can then discuss how much should be spent on web design versus Internet Marketing to get a return on investment.

Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and implementation of computer based media delivered via Internet to be used by web visitors and displayed by a web browser.

Web Templates

There are many pros and cons to using web templates.

  • Cost is definitely a pro
  • Branding is a con
  • Looking through templates to help decide = pro


Choose from many website templates to get some great ideas on web design!

Web design survey: How does web design contribute towards your business success?

Web design helps to achieve your web business goals and is an ongoing process. We want your feedback on what part of web design contributes most to achieving your current web business goals.

We are looking forward to helping you achieve your web business goals.

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